56 Stores

Store Name Category Phone Number Location
Absolute Dollar General Merchandise 416-462-2899 A
Advance Optical Opticians 416-469-1931 D
Ardene Ladies Apparel 416-848-3096 ext: 254 B
Asian Gourmet Food/Restaurants 416-462-2592 FC
Barburrito Food/Restaurants 416-461-9000 FC
Beddington's Bed & Bath Housewares/Gifts 416-463-0337 A
Bell Services/Banks 416-463-5814 G
Bianca Shoes Accessories/Shoes 416-778-1313 E
Bilin Jewellery Jewellery 647-350-3208 E
Bluenotes Unisex Apparel 416-461-9214 B
Cash 4 You Services/Banks 416-462-1900 H
Cellular X Accessories/Shoes 647-435-8592 Lower Level by the Escalators
CIBC Services/Banks 1-800-465-2422 CIBC
Dr. Craig Millar - Optometrist Opticians 416-778-6946 D
Dr. Hillary Ma Other 416-466-4788 D
EB Games Electronics/Computers 416-465-8350 F
Fashion World Unisex Apparel 416-461-8301 D
Fido Electronics/Computers 647-348-1653 A
Food Basics Food/Restaurants 416-465-3319 Food Basics
Footlocker Sporting/Athletics 416-469-4988 F
Freedom Mobile Electronics/Computers 647-340-0271 H
Gateway Newstands News Stands 416-913-7070 E
Guo Jewellery Jewellery 416-406-2571 E
Infuse Tea Food/Restaurants N/A F
KFC Food/Restaurants 416-461-1363 FC
Kin Kin Bakery Food/Restaurants (416) 461-9429 D
Labels Unisex Apparel 416-461-8967 B
Le Greeka Food/Restaurants 647-801-0361 FC
Les Bagages General Merchandise 416-462-0054 G
Lifestyle Health Care Accessories/Shoes 647-351-0842 E
McDonalds Food/Restaurants 416-461-8618 McDonalds (outside)
Nails For You Health/Beauty 416-466-6626 G
Nature's Health Food Food/Restaurants 416-406-3999 G
Next Steps Employment Centre Services 416-396-2313 B
Paws & Claws Pets 416-479-8910 H
Payless Shoe Source Accessories/Shoes 416-465-5709 G
Planet Fitness Sporting/Athletics 437-889-3200 Planet Fitness (upper level)
Real Fruit Bubble Tea Food/Restaurants n/a FC
Riverdale Dental Medical 647-352-7330 G
Rogers Wireless Other 416-466-8200 E
Service Canada Services/Banks 1 800 O Canada D
Society Ladies Apparel 416-461-0359 E
Staples Business Depot Electronics/Computers 416-466-4900 Staples
Subway Food/Restaurants 647-351-0966 FC
Sunrise Beauty Supply Health/Beauty 416-465-8154 D
T-Shirt Gallery Specialty Apparel 416-466-8304 G
Telus Electronics/Computers 416-406-0406 D
The Home Depot Department Stores 416-462-6270 The Home Depot
The Source Electronics/Computers 416-463-3422 F
The Spot Unisex Apparel 416-461-3864 G
Tim Hortons Food/Restaurants 416-778-1084 H
Top Cuts Health/Beauty 416-466-5640 D
Tropical Joe's Food/Restaurants 416- 461-5030 FC
Value Mobile Electronics/Computers 647-666-1379 E
Walmart Department Stores 416-461-8778 Walmart (lower level)
Winners Department Stores 416-466-2796 Winners (upper level)